Hi! I am Danielle!

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my work!  Now come's the uncomfortable part where I have to talk about myself and tell you a little bit about myself... First off I am a wife and mother who is extremely fortunate to call beautiful Sonoma County, CA my home, I couldn't think of a better place to live. I love to be outdoors in the sunshine preferably on a beach, travel, hike, craft, drink coffee (and wine), shop, and to spend my days being with my little family making memories. 

My passion for photography really started 7 years ago when I had my daughter. I wanted to savor every moment I could because I was quickly realizing how fast it all was going and I wanted to  forever remember the journey of parenthood and her childhood. Soon shooting just for me started spilling over to shooting for friends and then eventually it turned into a business and now I am able to give clients these same memories to look back on for their families. It is the in between moments, the candid shots, the cuddles between a family and the connections, I believe these are the moments worth remembering. If you want the perfect traditional family photo with everyone looking at the camera I'm not  your girl, I find beauty in the imperfections of family as they are and where you are at right now on your journey in life. When I shoot I look for light and connections, it's the small moments that I feel are actually the big moments in life. Let me tell your story the way I see it.

With Love- Danielle